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For the Remediation of Mold Stained Walls, Ceilings, Patio Furniture & More

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For the Remediation of Odorous & Neglected Spaces & Fixtures

Envirotab 4g Starter Kit (Tablets, Pump Sprayer, Soil Break)

The First of our Three 'Do-Anything' Chlorine Dioxide Tablet Sizes

Our 4g Tablets help you step into the world of be being equipped for just about any event! Got Mold or Mildew to put out of your life or home? Then simply add (1) of these 4g tablets to 32 ounces of water, allow it to dissolve and spray and wipe it onto the moldy or mildewy surface. Doing a deep cleaning of a house that has had 'less than stellar' cleaning maintenance? Add (1) tablet to each of the toilet bowl and tank to break the soil and remove the biofilm. Need to quickly remove odor from a jacket, uniform or sports gear? Then place them into a small tote with a glass jar containing 4 ounces of water, add (1) tablet and seal the tote overnight.

Envirotab 4g Starter Kit (Tablets, Pump Sprayer, Soil Break)

Envirotab 4g Starter Kit (Tablets, Pump Sprayer, Soil Break)
Envirotab 4g Starter Kit (Tablets, Pump Sprayer, Soil Break)

Envirotab 4g Starter Kit (Tablets, Pump Sprayer, Soil Break)

Model Number: E-4G-SK
Be fully equipped to take on mold and mildew stain and odor cleaning with this complete kit that produces a powerful oxidizing detergent that quickly and easily removes mold and mildew stains from surfaces both inside and outside your house and for less than a 1/3 THE PRICE when compared to the competition.
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Manufacturer: Synergy Americas
  • Description

The Synergy Envirotab 4g Starter Kit Comes with...

  • (1) Foaming Pump Sprayer
  • (2) Pouches (containing 28 tablets each) of Envirotab 4g ACD (Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide) Tablets
  • (1) 2 Liter (67.3 oz) Bottle of Synergy Soil Break

Applications for Use:

  • Outside the Home -
  • Removing mold and mildew stains and odors from patio furniture, awnings, clapboards, lawn furniture, children's toys, pool liners and more.
  • Inside the Home -
  • Refrigerator and freezer door seals, tub and shower walls, tile and grout, basement walls, sheetrock and other painted surfaces and more.

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Remove contents from new pump foaming sprayer canister and fill with 1 liter (just over 1 quart) of warm water.
  2. Add (1) 4g Envirotab Tablet from foil pouch - DO NOT TOUCH the tablet.
  3. Apply lid and allow tablet 60 seconds to dissolve.
  4. Remove lid and add 1oz of Synergy Soil Break. Add lid tightly and swirl or gently shake to mix.

Use Instructions:

  1. For best results from solution, do not use in direct sunlight.
  2. Pump up sprayer 30 times to pressurize and adjust sprayer nozzle to desired pattern.
  3. Spray foam on stained or odorous surface. Let set for 1-3 minutes.
  4. If surface is porous or badly stained, agitate with a scrub pad or brush.
  5. Wipe or rinse surface free of cleaning residue.

Notes on Personal Protective Equipment:

Wear gloves and goggles AT ALL TIMES during mixing and use. A full face shield is recommended.

Ensure good air flow when using out of doors.

Wear a respirator if using inside the home.

Uses & Applications for this Size Tablet:


  • Moldy walls, ceilings & trim
  • Disgustingly BAD toilets
  • Odorous Carpets (1 tablet/gallon - test for colorfast)
  • Odorous Upholstery (same as carpets)


  • Anything you can put into a storage tote.
  • Floors and walls (mixing with Synergy Soil Break)
  • Barns, Stalls & Kennels
  • Campers, Tents, Boats and Trucks


  • Water for livestock & Poultry (1 tablet/10 gallons)
  • Delis, Meat Rooms & Greenhouses (1 tablet/gallon)
  • Greenhouse Watering Lines (1 tablet/5 gallons)
  • Whirlpools (1 tablet/64 ounces, post cleaning)

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