Cleaning Mildew from Patio Furniture & Awnings
Winter storage of outdoor patio furniture and closed up awnings are often the source of Spring mildew frustrations. Cleaning the mildew off of the patio furniture and overhead awnings is not at all difficult with Chlorine Dioxide made with Envirotab.

Spring Cleaning of Patio Furniture is a Breeze with Envirotab Tablets!

Efficiently Removing Mildew from Patio Furniture with Chlorine Dioxide Solution made with Envirotab

rinsing with water is one step in cleaning patio furniture with envirotab

Mildew on awnings and patio furniture may be an inevitability in your part of the country, but it doesn't have to give you any Spring regrets. We have a quick and simple solution to cleaning your furniture, awnings and other outdoor furnishings.

  1. Understanding the Problem: Mildew is a type of fungus that thrives in damp and poorly ventilated areas, like the areas where you might be stashing your patio furniture in the off-season. But no worries, we can help you get it clean in a jiffy.
  2. Gather the Necessary Materials: To successfully tackle mildew growth, gather the following materials:
  3. Brushes and Pails: For this task you are going to want to have some tools for stiff mechanical action while cleaning.
  4. Microfiber cloths: These highly absorbent, reusable cloths are designed to capture and hold onto debris, including mildew spores. You'll use these for the final wipe-down.
  5. Chlorine dioxide solution made with Envirotab: Envirotab is eco-friendly, chlorine dioxide-generating cleaning solution tablet that effectively eliminates odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  6. Our Proprietary Detergent for Use with Envirotab: Synergy Soil Break is spectacular for converting a prepared solution of ClO2 into a deep cleaning solution.
  7. A Hose for Rinsing.
  8. Personal protective equipment (PPE): Wear gloves, safety goggles, and a mask to protect yourself from mold spores and chemicals.
  9. Identify the Affected Areas: Examine both sides of every chair cushion, all parts of the awnings and every side of your wooden or plastic patio furniture.
  10. Break the Mildew Free with Bristle Brushes: This will be a quick 3-step process. First you will scrub the surface down with ClO2 detergent and bristle, then rinse with clear water and finally spray a second (non-detergent) application of chlorine dioxide and wipe it with microfiber.
  11. Removing Mildew with Microfiber Cloths: Begin by gently wiping the affected areas with a dry microfiber cloth. This step helps remove loose mildew spores and prevents the spread of mold during the cleaning process. Dispose of the cloth properly after use.
  12. Preparing the Chlorine Dioxide Solution: Ensure that you wear appropriate PPE during this stage. In a container of 32 fluid ounces of clean water - a pail, PET Trigger or Pump-up Sprayer, add (1) 4g Envirotab Tablet, apply the trigger or cover and allow to dissolve for 1-2 minutes. Once this is dissolved, add 1/2 ounce of Synergy Soil Break to the solution.
  13. Applying the Chlorine Dioxide Solution: Using a pump, and possibly foaming sprayer, apply the combination of Envirotab and Soil Break detergent onto the surfaces. After 30-60 seconds, scrub the wet area with brush, rinse it with water, then spray on a final application of chlorine dioxide and wipe if desired with microfiber.
  14. Set Out in the Sun: While it is best to do these cleaning steps in the shade, once done, set everything out in the sun to dry and release the ClO2 from the fabrics.

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