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Cleaning, Deodorizing & Sanitizing for Pennies with a Single Product

Envirotab for Surfaces – 50 x 1g tablets/pouch

The Simplest Method for Achieving 'Clean' at the Microscopic Level

Our 1 gram tablets, when added to 32 ounces of water create a cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing solution that is unparalleled for performance - especially when used on hard, enviroinmental surfaces with microfiber. Simple drop the tablet in the tablet into the water, give it 30-60 seconds to dissolve and use it to predampen cleaning cloths, spray and wipe on surfaces or apply post-cleaning as an air-dry sanitizer.

Envirotab for Surfaces - 50 x 1g tablets/pouch

Envirotab for Surfaces - 50 x 1g tablets/pouch
Envirotab for Surfaces - 50 x 1g tablets/pouch

Envirotab for Surfaces - 50 x 1g tablets/pouch

Model Number: E-TAB-1G-POUCH
The Single-Step Cleaning, Deodorizer and Sanitizer that is the perfect solution for use with microfiber cloths and mops, leaving no detergent residue behind to attract and collect soils on surfaces. Just ONE Tablet in ONE Quart of Water is all that is needed , and if stored out of sunlight, will stay active for nearly 30 days.
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Manufacturer: Synergy Americas
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Envirotab is the perfect product for securing a "complete clean" on environmental surfaces, achieving these important ends:

  • Enhancing the performance of microfiber
  • Quickly blasting through the scum [biofilm] created by surface bacteria
  • Dismantling the structure of organic soils 
  • Naturally eliminating odors while you clean
  • Leaving NO soil-attracting residue behind after cleaning

Our Envirotab 1g Tablets are the quintessential product for every household and every housekeeping contractor. there is absolutely no other product like it in the industry, with multiple uses for every room in your home or office. The list is almost endless! 

panel of uses for 1g Envirotab tablets.

Here is an image of the product label with just a brief discussion on use applications. 

To view our four-product specification page, click here

To view our in-use safety data sheet, click here

Uses & Applications for this Size Tablet:


  • Kitchen Counters & Cutting Boards
  • Restrooms & Common Areas
  • Tables, Floors, Desks & Work Areas
  • Smelly Surfaces from Pet or Smoke


  • Pet Beds & Kennels
  • Diaper Pails & Waste Cans
  • Gym Bags & Lockers
  • Camping & Fishing Gear


  • Daycare Toys & Play Areas
  • Buses, Taxis, Trains & Ride-Shares
  • Fitness Area Equipment & Seating
  • Classrooms & Locker Rooms


  • Shower Decks & Walls from Mildew
  • Pet Pee Spots from Odors
  • Cutting Boards from Bacteria
  • Plants from Mildew Spots

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