Cleaning Teapots & Coffeemakers With ClO2

Hard water build-up and deposits in tea kettles and coffeemakers makes your favorite beverage more expensive to prepare and degrades the flavor of your morning joe or cuppa. Cleaning out your countertop appliance takes just a few minutes and pays big dividends.

Nothing ruins a fresh cup of coffee like a dose of limescale, mold and bacteria...

coffemakers can require regular cleaning

Removing lime deposits and biofilm from coffeemakers and teapots is of utmost importance to ensure the quality and safety of the beverages we consume. Lime deposits, also known as limescale, occur when water with a high mineral content is repeatedly heated and evaporated, leaving behind a white, chalky residue inside the appliances. This build-up not only affects the taste of the coffee or tea but also interferes with the efficiency of the heating elements, resulting in longer brewing times and increased energy consumption.

Regular descaling of coffee makers and teapots is crucial as lime deposits can also clog the internal mechanisms and pipes, leading to reduced water flow and potential damage to the appliance. The accumulation of limescale can hinder the brewing process, causing uneven extraction of flavors from the coffee or tea leaves and resulting in a subpar taste. Moreover, limescale can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, making it easier for biofilm to develop within the coffeemaker or teapot.

Biofilm is a complex community of microorganisms that adhere to surfaces and form a slimy layer. Over time, it can develop within the warm and moist environment of the appliance and contaminate the beverages prepared with it. Consuming beverages contaminated with biofilm can pose health risks, as it may contain harmful bacteria such as E. coli or Legionella. By regularly removing lime deposits and biofilm, we ensure that our coffeemakers and teapots are clean and hygienic, reducing the chances of bacterial growth and preventing potential health hazards.

Nothing ruins a fresh cup of coffee like a dose of limescale, mold and bacteria...

cleaning a tea kettle with clo2 is easy

Descaling Electric Teapots

  1. Fill your electric tea kettle to the top with warm water;
  2. Deposit one 1g tablet Envirotab into the water and close the lid, set a timer for 5 minutes, depending on the severity of the build-up;
  3. When the time is up, dump and rinse, or dump, wipe and rinse. Limescale will be GONE!
cleaning a coffeemaker with clo2 is easy

Servicing Coffee Makers

  1. Fill the pot from your coffee maker will warm water. Add one 1g Envirotab and let set for 2 minutes. The water will turn yellow.
  2. Pour this water into the reservoir of your coffee maker and place the now empty pot under the filter basket (containing no filter or coffee);
  3. Turn on and run a cycle, rinse pot and allow everything to air-dry overnight.

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