Deodorizing Ice Chests with Envirotab

Fish and other items can leave behind a long-term memory of a great camping trip or fishing outing, just be sure to use Envirotab to keep the odors under control, and you out of the doghouse!

Smelly Ice Chests are Only the Tip of the Whale for Camping Odor Issues, but They're All No Match to 1g Envirotab Tablets

No one really thinks about odor when they are on a camping or fishing trip... perhaps it adds to the ambiance and and rugged adventure! But then, when it is time to pack up, head home and return to the so-called 'civilized world' the first thing you notice is how many odors of the woods you are dragging back to your garage or basement for storage. Let's take a few lines to cite some examples of what we mean...

  • You pull out your tent to set up camp and are NOW reminded that you packed it damp last season and the musty odor is overwhelming. What do you do? Envirotab!
  • You had a great meal over an open fire, and everything you were wearing, even your favorite fishing vest smells of smoke like never before. What do you do? Envirotab!
  • You find that your sites picnic table was visited by a few seagulls looking for food and depositing droppings. You have the paper towels, but that's not enough. What do you do? Envirotab!
  • You have the bug dope, but forgot the hand sanitizer, no worries. Envirotab!
  • You find some wild berries and other items for foraging, but want to clean them up a bit. What do you do? Envirotab!
  • You find that your sleeping bag suffered the same fate as your tent, but with spots of mildew throughout. What do you do? Envirotab!
  • And of course, you get home with an ice chest full of fish, and need it usable for a family picnic the next day, but it smells like trout. What do you do? Envirotab!

You see, there's never a time you won't be happy that you remembered the Envirotab, and to think that it is less than HALF the cost, and 10 TIMES the VALUE of anything you can get from any store.

A secondary spray bottle sits in front of a pouch of 1g tablets.

Never Leave Home without Envirotab!

A 32oz trigger bottle is the perfect item to keep on your list of items to take on every camping and fishing trip, for the uses are just about endless. Wiping picnic tables clean, deodorizing musty smelling tents and camping gear, a makeshift hand sanitizer and of course, the deodorizer for your ice chest. Here's what you need to prepare, and it is easier than catching a fish!

  1. Add 32oz of warm water to your Envirotab Secondary Trigger Sprayer bottle.
  2. To this water, add (1) 1g Envirotab Tablet, and secure the sprayer to the top of the bottle
  3. Let this sit for 1-2 minutes until the tablet is dissolved and the gas is equalized throughout the water.
  4. Follow the directions below, and keep this spray bottle out of the sun when not in use.

Simple Steps to a More Sanitary & Less Smelly Ice Chest

Dish soap for washing cutting boards and other kitchen utensils
Wash with Detergent
An icon of a kitchen faucet
Rinse with Water
An icon of a spray bottle of cleaning chemicals
Spray with Envirotab
An icon depicting surface drying
Allow to Air Dry

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