Deodorizing Pet Bedding with ClO2

Few products can boast that they are non-staining, safe for pets and effective at more than masking odors. ClO2 removes odors without a lingering fragrance.

Living with Pet Odors Can Be a Challenge...

Living with pet odors can be both challenging and rewarding. On one hand, the presence of a beloved furry companion brings joy, excitement, and companionship to our lives. On the other hand, pets can contribute to a variety of odors that can be difficult to completely eliminate. From the lingering scent of wet fur after a rainy walk to accidents that may occur indoors, it is crucial for pet owners to address these odors promptly.

One of the primary challenges of living with pet odors is that they can permeate various surfaces in your home. Fabrics such as carpets, upholstery, and pet bedding tend to absorb and trap odors, and over time, these smells can become deeply embedded. Consequently, simply airing out the room or using air fresheners may provide temporary relief but fail to eliminate the root cause of the odor.

To effectively combat pet odors, regular cleaning practices are essential. This includes frequent washing of pet bedding, blankets, and any fabrics that your pet frequently comes into contact with. Vacuuming carpets and upholstery is also crucial to remove trapped hair, dander, and odors. Additionally, using pet-friendly cleaning products specifically formulated to neutralize odors can be highly beneficial.

Another important aspect of managing pet odors is to address accidents promptly. Accidents can happen, especially with young or older pets, and the remnants of urine or feces can cause lingering odors. Immediately cleaning up accidents with enzymatic cleaners is recommended, as these products break down the organic matter causing the odor.

Furthermore, maintaining proper pet hygiene is vital in reducing odors. Regular grooming and bathing sessions can keep your pet's coat clean and fresh, minimizing the transfer of odors onto your furniture or carpets. Keeping their living areas clean, such as litter boxes or cages for small pets, is also crucial for odor control.

While living with pet odors can be a challenge, the joy and companionship that our pets bring to our lives make it all worthwhile. By implementing regular cleaning practices, promptly addressing accidents, and maintaining proper pet hygiene, it is possible to create a harmonious living environment for both you and your beloved pet.

A secondary spray bottle sits in front of a pouch of 1g tablets.

Preparing a Bottle of 1g Envirotab!

A 32oz trigger bottle is the perfect item to keep around the house. The same product that can sanitize your countertops and deodorize your cutting boards is safe to use on your pet (not in his/her eyes), his/her bedding, kennel and more!

  1. Add 32oz of warm water to your Envirotab Secondary Trigger Sprayer bottle.
  2. To this water, add (1) 1g Envirotab Tablet, and secure the sprayer to the top of the bottle
  3. Let this sit for 1-2 minutes until the tablet is dissolved and the gas is equalized throughout the water.
  4. Follow the directions below, and keep this spray bottle out of the sun when not in use.
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How I (& my pet) love thee, let me count the ways!

A puppy in a pet bed icon

Spray a fine mist directly on a dry pet bed to keep odors in check, if it is particularly bad, spray it down and place it a trash liner for an hour.

A fishing tackle box icon

Travel and sleeping kennels for dogs and cats can become particularly odorous, especially if your pet grows nervous when traveling. Spray & wipe.

A pet watering device

Use a fine mist of Envirotab 1g to wash down all of the areas where water is contained and dispensed to your pet. A little even purifies water!

A family car loaded for travel

Going on vacation and taking your pet along? Then be sure to pack a bottle and a few spare tablets of Envirotab. You'll all appreciate the lack of odor!

a friendly skunk icon

Did Fido encounter Pepe LePew in your backyard this morning? Use Envirotab (1g per 64oz of water) to rinse after shampooing.

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Who Needs Envirotab Tablets & What Size Fits Your Applications Best?

To put it simply EVERYONE needs the simplicity, efficiency, power and efficacy of our Simply the BEST Chlorine Dioxide Tablets Available Anywhere!

  • Homeowners: Take a quick look at all of the applications below to see what you can do with just our 1 gram tablets and be AMAZED!.
  • Contract Cleaners: Every contract cleaner should stock and use our 4 gram tablets for cleaning, odor remediation, toilet reclamation, mold & mildew .
  • Hotel Housekeeping: Deep cleaning rooms after a long-term stay or pet stay will eliminate odors, freshen the air and reduce pet stress from past tenants.
  • Auto Dealers & Detailers: Detailers use the 1 gram tablets for washing down the dash, doors, headliner and upholstery, then gas the car with 20g.
  • Marinas & Campgrounds: Resell 1g tablets & 20g kits for deodorizing musty tents, campers and boats. Eliminate the odors and keep mildew from forming.
  • Veterinary Clinics & Kennels: 1 gram tablets are perfect for cleaning exam rooms while 10 gram tablets make a great 3 gallon solution for kennels.
  • Farmers & Homesteaders: The uses around the farm are endless! 1 gram tablets for udder wash before milking, removing black spots from plant follage and cleaning tools. 4 gram, 10 gram and 20 gram for treating water, cleaning greenhouses and sanitizing stalls after cleaning.