Removing Odors from Refrigerators with Envirotab

Almost every odor comes as a result of the metabolism of bacteria, digesting and off-gassing organic matter. Your refrigerator is FULL of organic matter, so get prepared with Envirotab to reduce your risk of odor and spoilage.

Don't let Bacteria Eat Your Refrigerator's Contents Before You Do!

The Presence of An Odor IS the Presence of A Problem

Odors in your refrigerator develop from the breakdown of food particles and microbial growth. When fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products are stored in the refrigerator, they release gasses and moisture. The gasses and moisture combine to create an environment that is perfect for microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and molds to grow. If you want to stop the odor, you have to stop the breakdown.

As these microorganisms grow and reproduce, they feed on the food particles and create byproducts that produce unpleasant odors. These odors can then be absorbed by other foods, containers, and even the interior of the refrigerator. These odors can easily penetrate the plastic linings of your refrigerator, the gasket around the door and of course the other food items and food packaging/casing (egg crates, Tupperware containers, plastic bags and take-out containers).

Food spoilage is closely related to the development of odors in your refrigerator. When food spoils, it starts to decompose and release unpleasant odors. Spoilage can occur due to a number of factors, such as exposure to air, improper storage temperature, and contamination by microorganisms. When the food starts to emit an odor - it's already too late!

Once spoilage begins, it can quickly spread to other foods in the refrigerator, causing them to also spoil and release odors. This can create a domino effect, where one spoiled item can cause an entire refrigerator to smell bad. To prevent odors in your refrigerator, it is important to properly store and label your food, routinely clean your refrigerator, and maintain a consistent temperature. This will help to slow down the growth of microorganisms and prevent the decomposition of food, which can lead to unpleasant odors.

To remediate the situation, we have multiple solutions:

  1. After removing the food items from your refrigerator, wash all surfaces with a solution of 1g Envirotab (in 32oz of water) and 1oz of Soil Break. Use a damp microfiber cloth for wiping the surfaces. .
  2. Dry all of the inner surfaces with a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove any detergent residue and improve the soil recovery.
  3. Mist a light second application of JUST Envirotab and allow it to air-dry.
  4. To help manage the food-spoiling microbial load in the air of your refrigerator, consider using one of our No-NonScents Granule Kits.
A secondary spray bottle sits in front of a pouch of 1g tablets.

Keep Your Kitchen Well-Stocked with Envirotab!

A 32oz trigger bottle is the perfect item to keep on your list of items to take on every camping and fishing trip, for the uses are just about endless. Wiping picnic tables clean, deodorizing musty smelling tents and camping gear, a makeshift hand sanitizer and of course, the deodorizer for your ice chest. Here's what you need to prepare, and it is easier than catching a fish!

  1. Add 32oz of warm water to your Envirotab Secondary Trigger Sprayer bottle.
  2. To this water, add (1) 1g Envirotab Tablet, and secure the sprayer to the top of the bottle
  3. Let this sit for 1-2 minutes until the tablet is dissolved and the gas is equalized throughout the water.
  4. Follow the directions below, and keep this spray bottle out of the sun (like under your sink) when not in use.

Simple Steps to an Almost 'Sterile' Refrigerator

An icon depicting spraying and wiping with microfiber.
Spray & Wipe Clean
Drying surfaces with microfiber increases soil recovery.
Dry with Microfiber
An icon of a spray bottle of cleaning chemicals
Spray with Envirotab
An icon depicting surface drying
Allow to Air Dry

At our Synergy Americas Online Store, you will find these same products AND some other excellent cleaners and degreasers for cleaning every appliance in a kitchen and more. For cleaning your refrigerator, we would suggest using our Synergy BioClean Plus, but Envirotab will also do a fabulous job as a cleaner, deodorizer and air-drying sanitizer.

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