Washing & Sanitizing Fruits & Vegetables

With Aqueous ClO2 it only requires the tiniest amount of product, and just a few minutes to eliminate the bacteria that causes spotting and rapid spoilage, reducing the risk of consuming the contaminants that cause food-borne illnesses.

Would You Like a Little Salmonella with That Salad?

cleaning fruits and vegetables with chlorine dioxide is highly effective and extends shelf life

Sanitizing fruits and vegetables is crucial for maintaining good hygiene and protecting our health. These foods can be exposed to harmful bacteria, viruses, and pesticides during cultivation, transportation, and handling. By washing and sanitizing them properly, we can reduce the risk of consuming contaminants that could lead to foodborne illnesses.

One of the main benefits of sanitizing fruits and vegetables is the removal of surface dirt, debris, and other residues. Many of these contaminants, including chemicals and pesticides, can pose health risks if ingested. Sanitizing helps eliminate these harmful elements, ensuring that we consume clean and safe produce. Moreover, it helps remove potential allergens like pollen or dust that may have settled on the surface, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

Additionally, sanitizing fruits and vegetables helps to minimize the spread of harmful microorganisms. Fresh produce can harbor bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. These pathogens can cause severe gastrointestinal illnesses, particularly in individuals with weakened immune systems, young children, or the elderly. Washing and sanitizing these foods effectively reduces the microbial load, making it less likely for these pathogens to reach our digestive system and cause illness.

Sanitizing fruits and vegetables is an essential practice for maintaining food safety and protecting our well-being. By removing dirt, debris, chemicals, and harmful microorganisms, we can enjoy nutritious produce with minimized health risks. It is important to note that different fruits and vegetables may require specific sanitizing techniques, such as soaking, scrubbing, or using produce washes. Thus, following proper sanitization practices is crucial to ensure the integrity of the food we consume.

a broad assortment of fresh produce

A New Use for Your Bottle of 1g Envirotab!

The same bottle of cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer you made with a single 1g tablet of Envirotab is perfectly good and safe to use as a fruit and veggie wash! Here's how you do it!

  1. Prepare your regularly kitchen solution by adding 32oz of warm water to your Envirotab Secondary Trigger Sprayer bottle.
  2. Then, to this water, add (1) 1g Envirotab Tablet, and secure the sprayer to the top of the bottle.
  3. Let this sit for 1-2 minutes until the tablet is dissolved and the gas is equalized throughout the water.
  4. Whenever you need a fruit and veggie wash, simply fill your sink with cool to lukewarm water, and remove 1/4 cup of your Envirotab solution, adding it to the water.
  5. Mix it gently in water and add your produce. Let them set in this water for 1-3 minutes.
  6. In a pinch, simply spray the Envirotab solution directly on the fruit or vegetable and rinse under water.

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  • Homeowners: Take a quick look at all of the applications below to see what you can do with just our 1 gram tablets and be AMAZED!.
  • Contract Cleaners: Every contract cleaner should stock and use our 4 gram tablets for cleaning, odor remediation, toilet reclamation, mold & mildew .
  • Hotel Housekeeping: Deep cleaning rooms after a long-term stay or pet stay will eliminate odors, freshen the air and reduce pet stress from past tenants.
  • Auto Dealers & Detailers: Detailers use the 1 gram tablets for washing down the dash, doors, headliner and upholstery, then gas the car with 20g.
  • Marinas & Campgrounds: Resell 1g tablets & 20g kits for deodorizing musty tents, campers and boats. Eliminate the odors and keep mildew from forming.
  • Veterinary Clinics & Kennels: 1 gram tablets are perfect for cleaning exam rooms while 10 gram tablets make a great 3 gallon solution for kennels.
  • Farmers & Homesteaders: The uses around the farm are endless! 1 gram tablets for udder wash before milking, removing black spots from plant follage and cleaning tools. 4 gram, 10 gram and 20 gram for treating water, cleaning greenhouses and sanitizing stalls after cleaning.

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